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100% completion at The Rock Endurance Ride | 11 & 12 July 2020

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

The Rock Endurance Ride was everything we wanted it to be!

We had 10 (OSO) endurance horses running over the weekend two 40 km horses on Saturday. And eight in the 80 km ride today. (We also had 2 outside horses in camp who completed the endurance ride successfully! .... Well done Kylie and Bell!!)

The weekend was most definitely not about winning an 80 km ride. With a team of experienced open horses it was more about a new team working together, gaining on course experience, that vital vetting exposure and us all working together as a cohesive team.

My goal was for 100% completion and after a serious chat last night to the team on how a relatively flat course can seem so easy and unnecessary vet out can be so much easier.

Everybody rode to instruction and our new rookie crew managed the horses and our camp perfectly.


Saturday 40km completions:

AM Red Cardinal - Steffi Ulrich

Oso Rosamond - Chloe Hayden ( first ride off farm!)

Sunday 80km ride results:

Brag Ngood - Poppy Kettlewell - 2nd Junior

Oso Diamond Dazzler - Tori Bice - 2nd LW - Best Condition

Oso Florin - Ben Hudson - 3rd MW

Oso Emelyne- Tamara Gibson - 4th MW

Oso Engarde - Morgan Stipley - Completion

Oso Evita - Shea Reynolds - Completion

Oso Dizzy - Chloe Hayden - riders 1st 80km completion

Oso Desperado - Steffi Ulrich - riders 1st 80km completion

A huge thanks to the ride organisers for putting on such a very short notice but well run ride. Also our team at home and at the ride for pulling off the perfect 10 out of 10.

Everyone matters from the riders to the person who cooks the bacon 🥓.

Fingers crossed for a Covid drama free rest of season!!!

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