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Team OSO

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OSO isn't about any one individual.

It's about the team, the horses and the journey.

It's about striving to be the best version of ourselves we can possibly be.

~ Amanda Kettlewell







Here at OSO, the realisation of our horse’s ability to become the ultimate all-round athlete, enabling them to compete in a wide and varied arena of disciplines, was inevitable.


Already proven in the Endurance field and, with a heritage littered with Sport Horse, Reigning, Dressage and Showing champions, this was naturally going to be our next step.


To truly fulfill this dream, we needed to find the right person to mentor our team and who would be able to select the horses that would best promote us.


In early 2019, we were delighted when Heath Rowbottom joined our OSO family and from there, OSO Performance became a reality.


In under a year since the Performance team was formed, we had claimed titles at both State and National level, including Champion Led and Ridden Purebred Mare; Supreme Youth Anglo; Champion Led Derivative Gelding; Champion Stockhorse; and, the most coveted of prizes for us, numerous versatility awards that encompasses everything we are striving for.

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