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OSO Arabians UK Stud Tour 2020 | And that's a wrap .....

Much as the main focus of my little tour around the UK was to visit Arabian and Thoroughbred horses, I might just have stumbled across a few hidden native treasures of the UK.

The first being the mighty Shire horses tucked away behind my dear friends Aideen and Johns cottage near Bromsgrove. I am in total awe of these magnificent animals so vast in size but gentle in nature.

Next a traditional Piebald, Gypsy, cob mare Moorefield Magic who was born and bred in Northern Ireland.


She is owned by Diana Theophilus my long-suffering friend who has let me lodge with her whilst waiting on flights home.

Diana sadly sustained a horrific neck injury a few years ago after a riding accident and has spent a long time regaining her confidence and finding the perfect partner again. Magic fitted this role perfectly and her gentle yet sometimes pushy nature have led to the pair excelling in the dressage arena. I also got to hijack another Skewbald cob. Love the old fashioned names for their colour.

Bringing my bragging book of the natives to an end and my trip ( praying I fly Friday!!🙏) were possibly the cutest most adorable pair of purebred Exmoor ponies DAX and OSSIAN. Both in their late 20’s looking the picture of health and happiness. It was funny to hear and inspiring that the little mare DAX competed successfully in Endurance until recently just proving it a sport for every breed and rider to enjoy!!

DAX & OSSIAN (Exmoor Ponies)

Thanks everyone for following and commenting on the awesome UK adventure I was lucky (even under such horrid circumstances) to go on. Now, I'm very much looking forward to getting home and to our OSO superstars!

And that's a wrap .......

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