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OSO Arabians UK Stud Tour 2020 | Day 5 (Pt 1): Whitton Park Arabians, Ludlow Shropshire UK

Whitton Park Arabians – Ludlow, Shropshire UK & Chapel Stud (Thoroughbred) – Bransford – Worcestershire UK

Again, a big day visiting two different studs deserves 2 posts I feel!!!!!

This morning I left early in the traditional British summer rain which barely eased up most of the day. However, a day packed full of wonderful horses and people meant I barely noticed. My only faithful little navy puffa jacket got drenched multiple times.

First stop was Whitton Park Arabians to meet Pauline Atkinson who owns and runs a small boutique stud hidden deep in the Shropshire countryside. With predominantly 100% Crabbet or very high percentage I was interested to meet her horses especially her Stallion SEREN SADRH (WINGED SAINT by EL SANTO x SILIHAH).

After a warm welcome and much-needed cup of coffee in her traditional well organised feed/tack room, we headed out into the rain to meet the team! Pauline believes in the horses living a natural life, so they are rarely stabled, barefoot and she uses a track system for grazing. This means she can control how much grass (which in the lush English countryside with smaller paddocks and less movement can cause multiple problems) and encourage more productive exercise.

Following a path through a beautiful area with raised vegetable beds growing the most fabulous veggies and herbs which she said she lets the horses forage from (the weird curly Italian Zucchini were hilarious along with the giant marrow!), we came to a set of large safe yards covered with deep wood chip and luxurious shelters. This making the perfect safe foaling down, breeding, or weaning area. Whilst this was a little distance from her home, Pauline very cleverly added a home-from-home caravan, so she can observe but not interfere with nature taking place!

The Striking chestnut stallion Sadrh was housed for the day for my viewing with his faithful mare companion DITTANY (DRONGO X FLEUR DE KACTUS). Even though it was raining, and he was not happy about being made to leave his dry shelter he looked magnificent.


His first two foals were born earlier this year and a credit to him both colts whose dams were lovely! I was especially drawn to the 100% Crabbet mare KLINTA SALMA (KLINTA BASHIR X GREY SPARKLING) it would be hard to find a mare in my opinion more classically beautiful.

After my Binley tour a flashy filly by SILVERN PRINCE also stood out, her dam a tall elegant young mare CRYSTAL GREY SPECIAL (CRYSTAL ROMANCE X CRYSTAL SHADOWLIGHT).

No matter how big or small a stud is the pride and love of their horses always shines even in the pouring rain! Thanks Pauline for a lovely visit.

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