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OSO Arabians UK Stud Tour 2020 | Day 4: Hoy Eventing, Rutland UK

This afternoon I was privileged to spend time with one of my childhood pinup equestrian superstars Andrew Hoy.

Much as I visited these prestigious stables in Somersby 2 years ago, I can never tire of spending time in this world-class professional stables, surrounded by potential 4 legged Olympians of the future. These include our own OSO MONOLITOS black French-bred Anglo Arabian Stallion by Huzar, and the huge dappled grey gelding OSO BRIGANT by Caesar Van de Helle.

As usual, both horses were turned out for my visit impeccably, both gleaming in coat, plaited up and oozing presence. They were then paraded in hand, at walk, trot and then stood up. I was then treated to watching Andrew take the boys for a quick spin in the indoor arena ( yep the rain 🌧 continues!)


Watching alongside me was the fabulous veterinarian Rachel Murray who specialises in Equine orthopaedics.

She has led many studies investigating sport horse training, injury, and performance, including for British Dressage, British Eventing, British Equestrian Federation, and the FEI. Rachel, I also later found out, was treating vet for the 2012 Olympic team. Feeling very humble I discussed a few issues with our endurance horses and she could not have been more helpful offering advice and demonstrating exercises we could use at home to help. Inspirational stuff!

On my last visit, I noticed the Haygain steamers and OSO now have two after Andrew couldn’t rate them more highly. Yet again, my inquisitive nature and Andrews's generosity to share his wealth of information has left me with a list of genius ideas for OSO!

The last stop on the tour was to inspect the teams new truck and trailer. WOW!! I was in awe of the vast white vehicle covered in images of him and his horses! Nothing has been over looked on the design of the truck for both horse and human.

Huge thanks to the staff at Hoy Eventing for presenting the horses so well and Andrew for as usual going above and beyond the normal farm tour!!!

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