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OSO Arabians UK Stud Tour 2020 | Day 2 (Pt1): Worth Arabian Stud & Binley Arabian Stud Hampshire UK

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I have been especially excited about today's visits as at OSO Arabians we lean heavily towards Crabbet breeding.

There were no better Studs to visit than those of sisters Elizabeth Archer and Caroline Sussex, if you want to know anything about these lines. Daughters of one of the most influential Crabbet breeders of all time Rosemary Archer who established the Worth Stud in 1960, their knowledge and enthusiasm for Crabbet breeding is second to none.

I feel one post was not enough for these two prestigious studs so I’ve broken it into 2 parts starting with Liz at Worth Stud who has been looking after our Crabbet mare SILVER SUNBEAM and her two foals SILVER OSO SOLARIS and SILVER OSO SHOWMAN.


When we purchased the mare after reading about her in the UK Crabbet Journal we desperately needed someone to look after her in the UK and to help guide us in choices of stallions that would compliment her and hopefully produce progeny good enough to import into Australia. This she did so well by using firstly her wonderful old stallion INDIAN IDYLL who is the sire to SOLARIS and then SILVERN SURPRISE sire to SHOWMAN.

Silver OSO Showman

The Worth Stud originally established the Silvern family line all 100% Crabbet blood. Now the Stud is known for both Crabbet and Old English bloodlines.

Today the weather was not in our favour, with very high winds and rain coming from all directions. Not the ideal conditions to take pretty pictures of her stunning horses. However, I had the opportunity to finally meet the leggy SHOWMAN who behaved very well considering the conditions and then onto young stallions SARUKH (INDIAN SHIMAD X SOLEYMA) and RUKHAAM (INDIAN SHIMAD X ROSA BETTINA) both showing the best traits of their lineage and two incredibly versatile young stallions who would most definitely make wonderful Endurance horses.

Silver OSO Showman Sarukh Rukhaam

Then we moved onto the mares which included our own SILVER SUNBEAM. With such inclement weather, Liz had her rugged but I did manage one picture of her!

Finally, I got to meet for the second time the wonderful 30-year-old INDIAN IDYLL (SILVERN IDYLL X INDIAN GOLDDUST) aka Fred. Liz removed his rug and I was blown away at the condition of this old gentleman. He really is one in a million and we are blessed to now have his daughter in Australia with so many opportunities for breeding.

Indian Idyll 'Fred'

Huge thanks to Liz for the tour, lend of gumboots, and a delicious lunch which led to great conversations of horses, Brexit, and politics!

Now on to Binley Arabian Stud ......

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