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OSO Arabians UK Stud Tour 2020 | Day 2 (Pt2): Binley Arabian Stud Hampshire, UK

Located in the idyllic Bourne Valley (5 minutes drive from the Worth Stud), Binley House Farm is a beautiful property in Hampshire and home to Binley Arabian Stud which was established in 1993 by Caroline. Again with the knowledge and bloodlines handed down from her mother Rosemary quality was always going to continue.

The aim of the Stud much like Oso is to produce beautiful Arabians with athletic ability to perform at all levels. Binley has 16 Arabians, and the majority are 100% Crabbet breeding and the aim is definitely being fulfilled with paddocks of the most wonderful horses each and everyone would be fit for any discipline and you would be proud to ride. Not just a pretty face at the end of a lead!

The tour literally started as we drove in though the gates into a lovely yard with 3 beautiful faces welcoming us. The first to catch my eye was the outstanding proven pure white stallion SILVERN PRINCE (PRINCE SADIK X SILVERN IMAGE) stilling looking in top condition at the age of 21, I'm sure he would still win in the show ring again. His major titles taken out where, British National Champion, Horse of the Year Supreme Champion 2010, and Reserve in 2011. Three times winner of the UK International Stallion Class and twice Supreme Champion. He remains unbeaten in the Ridden Stallion Class at that show.

The other two in the stables I found when peering over the doors were mares with their 2 foals snoozing in huge comfortable straw beds. BINLEY SILVERN SAPPHIRE and her colt BINLEY PRINCE JOHAR by SILVERN PRINCE who you will see from the pictures is a handsome tall athletic chap. Then BINLEY SILVERN GRACE with her colt BINLEY SILVERN MUJIZA who is by the Australian imported stallion BINLEY RONALDO (ARFAJA ROBARD X ARFAJA SILVER MIST). This little guy just stole my heart and I think will be coming back with me in my suitcase.

The mares and foals were then led back to their huge paddock and joined the rest of the older dry mares as one big family group.

The wind was blowing a gale but it was awesome to walk through the paddocks whilst Caroline gave me the history of each and every mare. Again, many of them would grace the Oso herd.

Beautiful bodied mares and fillies with kind and gentle temperaments.

MUJIZA aka 'Skippy'


I'd love to write about each and every horse that was proudly shown to me however this post would be very long! If interested more I would suggest looking at their website which is very informative Caroline also runs a wonderful B&B which offers not only bed and brekkie for humans but also horses!


Huge thanks again to Caroline for her time showing me these extraordinary horses and offering me those precious pearls of wisdom on the Crabbet horse.

Apologies on any bad grammar or spelling mistakes, I’ll edit as we go on as another huge day and potentially bigger tomorrow visiting 3DE superstars.

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