2020 Celebrating 25 years of breeding excellence in Australia

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Welcome to OSO Arabians, our magnificent 4,000 acre stud farm, situated at the base of the Table Top Range, in the heart of picturesque, rural southern New South Wales, Australia.

'OSO’ Spanish word for Bear - revered by native Americans for their courage, strength & wisdom

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Driven by a life-long passion for the Arabian horse, Linda Mars has long held a desire to see the bloodlines of Kelkette Park and Al Marah (USA) stay intact.


Over 25 years ago, inspired by the master-craft and breeding successes of Bazy Tankersley (Al Marah) and Margaret Bohm (Kelkette Park) - who both predominantly utilised the bloodlines of the Indraff/Raffles and Silver Moonlight/Silver family lines to produce their own version of a truly versatile Arabian, renown for its conformation, temperament, stamina and versatility - Linda decided to combine the unique bloodlines of Kelkette Park and Al Marah (USA) to create the very foundation blocks on which the OSO Arabians legacy is built.


Today, our unwavering commitment and primary objective remains unchanged; to further develop the diversity of the Arabian breed through our first-class breeding program, in order to evolve, expand and refine the capabilities and versatility of our horses.


More recently, whilst TEAM OSO's primary discipline remains the Endurance circuit - and we continue to enjoy increasing successes in both the domestic and international arenas - our focus on enhancing versatility and improving capability enables us to now compete extremely successfully in a broader range of disciplines.


Proudly, we are truly achieving our ultimate goal of diversity through versatility.




Linda Mars


A lifelong passionate horsewoman, Linda has long been both the proud owner and dedicated hands-on breeder since she founded OSO Arabians in 1995.


Amanda Kettlewell


Uncompromising in her commitment and pursuit of excellence,

Amanda’s passion for OSO Arabians knows no bounds.


Born in the UK, Amanda came to Australia in 2008 to manage the OSO Arabian Stud for Linda Mars as her Equine Stud Manager; and with more than 30 years’ extensive equine experience, she provides OSO Arabians with a clear vision for the future. 


From overseeing all breeding and training, as well as riding herself, Amanda’s role incorporates managing the entire stud, guiding and inspiring all of our team and, caring for all our horses living on the farm ...


Andrew Kettlewell


A relentless problem solver,

Andrew is dedicated to making a difference where it matters most.


​As OSO Arabians Farm Manager, Andrew’s role involves him managing our cattle stud and overseeing the day to day operations of our impressive 4000 acre farm that comprises four properties – Kelkette Park, Longerenong, Sunrise Park and Eastgate – which together make up Mintor LLC.


​Born and bred on the Jerilderie plains, educated at Scots School Albury and Marcus Oldham College and following a five-year stint working in the UK, Andrew returned to Australia in 2008 to join Amanda in managing Linda Mars’ OSO Arabian Stud as her Farm Manager ....


Heath Rowbottom


With a life-long passion for the Arabian horse and driven by success,

Heath’s unwavering dedication to his craft brings out the best in everyone.


A renowned horse trainer in his own right, and with numerous accolades in the Show Performance circuit, Heath brings a wealth of knowledge, considerable experience and expertise to OSO as our Equine Stud & Performance Team Supervisor.


Originally from Victoria’s western district and growing up in Echuca on the Murray River, Heath was born into the horse world and soon developed a passion for all things horse-related; with this later becoming his driving force to seek out as many opportunities to develop and further his career as possible.


Having already achieved multiple Australian Champion and Reserve titles with some outstanding horses, together with 4 South East Queensland Young Stock of the year with 4 different horses over 5 years, Heath continues to demonstrate both his dedication and determination in his pursuit of excellence; and, whilst at the top of his field, he remains magnanimous, recognising that there is always room to improve, evolve and learn more...


Kylie Jonkers


Striving to be the very best version of herself she can possibly be, and dedicated to

breeding & the endurance sport, Kylie provides great motivation to those around her.


Passionate advocate for the endurance sport, proven respected endurance rider and compassionate team player, Kylie brings knowledge, maturity, exceptional organisational skills, team leadership, and a breath of fresh air to her role as our Assistant Trainer and Endurance Team Supervisor here at OSO.


Born into a farming family in Cowra, Central West NSW, for Kylie, endurance is a way of life and runs through her veins. From attending her first ride at the tender age of 6 weeks old and inspired by her parent’s passion for the sport, since then her fervent dedication for all thing’s endurance has continue to grow exponentially. Not only being a part of numerous committees running rides, from training weekends to the Tom Quilty Gold Cup and State Championships but equally as a successful competitor. 


A close second to her unwavering commitment to endurance, is Kylie’s passion for Limousin cattle - both breeding and showing. With over 13 years' in the beef industry, she has spent the past 8 years managing one of Australia’s leading Limousin Cattle studs...


~ Amanda Kettlewell ~

'Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay.'



To preserve the foundation blocks on which the OSO Arabians legacy is built, by continuing to breed the most exceptional Arabian horses through our proven breeding program.

OSO Horse Only.png


Continue developing the diversity of the Arabian breed through our first-class breeding program, in order to evolve, expand and refine the capabilities  of our horses.

Further promote the 'TEAM OSO' brand within the Arabian community globally; establishing it as a household name that excels in all disciplines.

Through TEAM OSO, continue our ongoing support and competitive participation in both the national and international ENDURANCE and PERFORMANCE disciplines.

Focus on preparing more horses and riders to represent both the Australian Endurance Team and the Australian Performance Team overseas.


Utlise our state-of-the-art breeding facility by offering our stallions at public stud.

Offer a wide selection of qualified and novice horses for sale to suit every type of rider in all disciplines.

Host more FEI/AERA rides at OSO to help continue forging a cohesive relationship between the two associations.

Build on our 'Apprenticeship Program' offering education and jobs to more future riders into the sport.





We BELIEVE in our genetics, our mentors and, the resources to breed and produce our horses to the highest possible standard, capability and versitility.




We UNDERSTAND the responsibility we have to this ancient breed, by maintaining as true to type as the original Arabian horse.



We VALUE that our knowledge and experience will be passed down to our employees and young riders - which is integral to our team and the very essence of the OSO family.



We are here to INSPIRE by empowering the next generation and investing in the future. We also hope to inspire and educate future horse owners to consider an Arabian horse.



With state-of-the-art facilities, technology and exceptional mentors at our fingertips, at OSO Arabians we offer the opportunity to work with some of Australia's great Endurance and Performance Arabians, along with the ability to compete Australia-wide in a multitude of disciplines, including Endurance, Stud work, Show, Performance, Dressage and Halter-Showing.

Our OSO family is not only extremely loyal, with great team comradery, unity and knowledge, but we also offer tremendous support and the backing of an experienced and passionate team.


If you are interested in joining TEAM OSO, please click on the following link to complete our 'Join Team OSO' application form online and we will get in touch with you shortly.



Check out all our current employment opportunities here .......