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Woodstock Endurance Ride September 2013

Overwhelmed by awesomeness! Woodstock ride rocked! 80km results are: 1st LW for Oso Bandit and Lauren and BC in a time of 3.54hrs. 2nd MW Oso Edith and Ben with a time of 3.54hrs. 3rd MW Oso Laredo and new Oso rider Sorsha in a time of 4.05hrs. AM Gypsy Red and Stacey 3rd Junior with a time of 6.40hrs. Well done to Stacey who has guided Gypsy through to being a now open mare! AM Hey Ho Silver after completing 100km 2 weeks ago nursed Gypsy through her final ride beautifully with a great jockey Jenny! Last but most definately not least, my first ride on the mighty Eclipse ended sadly with him twisting his fetlock in a nasty rut on very hard ground. However after completing our first leg in 1.47hrs with an extremely low heart rate, perfect manners and a true gentlemen I am thrilled and totally looking forward to our next ride! Our strappers excelled again and Woodstock proved to be a fantastic fun family ride. Thanks LERC! Amanda. IMGP8771 IMGP8403
2013-foals-049 eden excelsior excelsior2 swashbuckler2 eddie