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Southern Crosse Bet Bet Ride September 2013

Oso have had the best ever weekend! Results for the Bet Bet ride are as follows - Oso bred stallion Cap Braveheart & Lauren Howson smashing out 1st LW and BC in the 100km with a time of 6 hours and 31 minutes for Cappy's first open ride! AM Thunder Bay & Stacey Clarke 1st Junior & BC with a great time of 6 hours and 48 minutes. Oso Lee & Jenny Berg 5th MW and BC with a time of  hours and 48 minutes! Jenny managed Oso Lee with a lot of pride! Must not forget Andy K and Marneross Zameel (Zazzy) completing their first 40km together in 3 hours and 17minutes. Zazzy has only been in training with Oso 3 weeks so look out! Thanks to everyone who participated and helped prepare the horses for Bet Bet, I  am over the moon! 3 Best Condition's! Wow! Amanda. Bet Bet 2013 057 581235_10201393233585287_2123029356_n
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