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OSO Last Eclipse

Oso Last Eclipse - Silver Eclipse x Kelkette Park Lydia - DOB:  9 October 2005 Pedigree Click Here Kelkette Park Lydia’s last foal.  A Silver Eclipse son who has developed into a beautiful stallion showing the traits of both his sire and dam. Eclipse worked very well under saddle and is a real gentleman to ride and handle. He has a huge stride and excellent heart rate and recovery times. Please contact Oso Arabians for a copy of the breeding contract with the full terms and conditions.
Ride Distance Riding Time H/Rates Result
Gundagai 23/4/11 40km 4h 37m 52,41 Completion
Gold and Iron Bark 22/5/11 104km Elevator 6h 17m 39,55,50 Completed 80km
Harden 26/6/11 80km 6h 34m 48,40,47 Completion
Coolamon 24/7/11 80km 6h 22m 38,39,40 Completion
The Rock 13/5/12 80km 6h 50m 36,46,43 6th Middleweight
Kilmore 24/6/12 100km 7h 4m 44,43,41,49 3rd Middleweight & Best Condition
Harden 30/9/12 80km 4h 32m 41,49,51 1st Middleweight & Best Condition
Snowy Zone Champs 14/10/12 120km 7h 26m 40,49,49,45 1st Middleweight & Best Condition
Pegasus FEI* 24/2/13 82km 4h 48m 60,54,54 2nd Open
Cedar Ridge FEI** 30/3/13 120km 9h 11m 56,60,62,60 7th Open
Berringa 25/8/13 82km 5h 25m 49,54 1st Middleweight
Pegasus 20/10/13 80km 5h 14m 36,50,60 1st Middleweight
Neville 6/4/14 80km 6h 42m 36,45,50 6th Heavyweight
Coolomon 20/7/14 80km 4h 46m 35,41,47 15th Heavyweight
Woodstock 14/9/14 120km 8h 21m 42,38,46,48 1st Heavyweight