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Mares & Fillies

Aloha Zaritza F26861

Name: Aloha Zaritza DOB: 01.05.2004 Pedigree: Click Here Colour: Chestnut Very striking, last daughter by Aloha Zar. Zaritza will join our breeding stock.

Kainui Park Soraya F21052

Name: Kainui Park Soraya DOB: 20.11.1995 Pedigree: Click Here Colour: Grey This lovely outcross mare was selected for her Mustafa lines

Kainui Park Soraya - Caneagle Sovereign x Kainui Park Nareeda - DOB: 20.11.95


Aloha Rosay F25102

Name Aloha Rosay DOB 14.09.2001 Pedigree Click Here Colour Grey Full sister to Ramilez, our newest brood mare addition.

Aloha Kasisi F23481

Name Aloha Kasisi DOB 29.08.1998 Pedigree Click Here Registration Grey Proven brood mare by Aloha Telesmon.

OSO Elycian F30375

Name Name DOB 05.10.2009 Pedigree Click Here Colour Grey Tall and tough with a gentle kind nature. Ride Distance Time Result Table Top FEI ride 120km 8h 55m 4th Youth Raglan Twilight 4.3.17 80 6h 4m…
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OSO Bettina F30373

Name OSO Bettina DOB 09.10.2009 Pedigree Click Here Registration Chestnut A flashy filly showing her Al-Marah bloodlines. Ride Distance Time Result Table Top 13.5.17 120km 10h Completion  Gundagai 29.4.17 80km 6h 58m Completion  Neville 19.3.17 80km…
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OSO Emelyne F30376

Name OSO Emelyne DOB 03.10.2009 Pedigree Click Here Registration Grey A proven combination in the past we have high hopes for this filly in endurance. Ride Distance Time Result Scenic City 6.11.16 80km 6h 22m 7th…
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OSO Ngaire F30378

Name OSO Ngaire DOB 20.12.2009 Pedigree Click Here Colour Chestnut A fine and elegant filly with a huge stride.   Ride Distance Time Results Table Top FEI ride 13.5.17 120km 8h 1m 2nd Open Gundagai 29.4.17…
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OSO Dresdene Doll F30374

Name OSO Dresdene Doll DOB 29.11.2009 Pedigree Click Here Colour Grey A special filly as the first born to her elderly Dam. Proven endurance lines on both sides and will compete.

AM Staro Parade

Name AM Staro Parade DOB 25.03.2003 Pedigree Click Here Registration Chestnut Imported mare by the wonderful stallion Good Olde Boy who is a proven endurance sire. Has competed in some endurance rides and will breed from.…
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