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Mares & Fillies

OSO Enigma F31750

SDA Silver Legend x Kelkette Park Silver Eyre Name OSO Enigma DOB 17.09.2012 Pedigree Click Here Colour Grey  

Oso Lulu F31329

Oso Lulu - SDA Silver Legend x Oso Lyrebird - DOB: 11.10.11

Name: Oso Lulu DOB: 11.10.2011 Pedigree: Click Here Colour: Grey  

OSO Diamond Dazzler F31328

Kelkette Park Fernandez x Al-Marah Danae Name OSO Diamond Dazzler DOB 16.09.2011 Pedigree Click Here Colour Chestnut    

Lorraine F20507

Name Lorraine DOB 28.8.94 Pedigree Click Here Colour Grey By Mustafa and has had lovely foals to Excelsior eg Oso Lexus.

OSO Silver Ileanna F22356

Name OSO Silver Ileanna DOB 09.11.97 Pedigree Click Here Colour Grey Lovely mare out of Impression and looking forward to her foals.

Al-Marah Brawnys Bow (IMP USA)

Name Al-Marah Brawnys Bow (IMP USA) DOB 16.03.02 Pedigree Click Here Colour Grey From Mrs T's breeding program at Al Marah. By AM Power Raid out of a Sea Captain daughter - small but sweet!

Kelkette Park Silver Inspiration F17056

Name Kelkette Park Silver Inspiration DOB  14.08.91 Pedigree Click Here Colour Grey A much treasured Iolia daughter.

Kelkette Park Daihanna

Name: Kelkette Park Daihanna DOB: 05.12.96 Pedigree: Click Here Colour: Grey Looking forward to more of her foals.

OSO Dallas F29115

Name OSO Dallas DOB 02.10.06 Pedigree Click Here Colour Grey Due to a pasture injury as a foal will only be a broodmare.

Botusa Park Krystelle F29258

Name: Botusa Park Krystelle DOB: 20.01.2006 Pedigree: Click Here Colour: Bay Purchased for her breeding.