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Cap Braveheart (IMP USA)

su_label]Pedigree[/su_label] Click Here Cap Braveheart - SDA Silver Legend x AM Cap Gabrilla - DOB: 28 February 2008 Our first son of SDA Silver Legend out of US bred Cap Gaybrilla has proven himself as a outstanding endurance horse, completing his novice rides with a near perfect log book and unreal heart rates.  Cappy has now won the prestigious 2015 Tom Quilty Gold Cup 160km (Hawkesbury NSW) in 10 hours 16 minutes and just recently he won the 2016 Australian Endurance Championship 160km (Imbil Qld) in 10 hours 15 minutes and to cap it off he won Best Conditioned. We are looking forward to his first crop of foals this 2016 season. Please contact Oso Arabians for a copy of the breeding contract with the full terms and conditions.
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Ride Distance Riding Time H/Rates Result
Table Top FEI ride 13/5/17 120km 8h 40m 1st Youth
Neville 19/3/17 80km 5h 17m 3rd Middleweight
Aust End Champs Imbil 16/7/16 160km 10h15m30s 1st Open & Best Conditioned
NSW State Champs Harden 12/6/16 80km 5h00m06s 2 Middleweight
Table Top FEI 30/4/16 120km 8h06m30s 2nd Youth
Bunyip Bush Bash 9/4/16 80km 7h 45m 3rd Lightweight
Equestrian Aust End Champs 24/10/15 120km 7h46m25s 5th Youth
Ride Around the Rock FEI 9/8/15 120km 8h10m00s 1st Youth
NCER @ Lancefield 18/7/16 80km 4 h 45m 2nd Lightweight
TOM QUILTY GOLD CUP 6/6/15 160km 10h16m34s 1st Middleweight
Moyston 10/5/15 100km 6h 09m 1st Middleweight
Gundagai 4/4/15 80km 5h 24m 4th Middleweight
Scenic City Canberra 23/11/14 80km 5h 22m 1st Lightweight & Best Conditioned
Eldorado 2/11/14 82km 4h 33m 35,42,41 2nd Middleweight & Best Conditioned
Vic State Champs Moyston CFA 5/09/14 160km 12h 30m 31,42,43,44,45,48 4th Middleweight
Del Rio N.S.W State Champ 14/06/14 160km 17h 39m 36,52,52,56,44,48,52 11th Middleweight
Wingello Forest 25/05/14 80km 5h 01m 38,44,46 6th Middleweight
Southern Cross FEI 2* 26/04/14 80km 4h 44m 36,56,61,51 2nd & Best Conditioned
Harden Up 15/03/14 80km 4h 29m 37,45,48 =2nd Middleweight
Woodstock 2/03/14 40km 3h 05m 42,40 Completion
Woodstock 1/03/14 40km 3h 05m 34,42 Completion
The Rock 27/10/13 80km 4h 06m 40,42,40 3rd Middleweight
Southern Cross Bet Bet 22/09/13 100km 6h 31m 36,42,46,45 1st Lightweight & Best Conditioned
Coolamon 21/07/2013 80km 6h 06m 40,41,41 8th Middleweight
Harden Endurance Ride 30/06/2013 80km 6h 22m 40,41,46 Completion
Gundagai 28/04/2013 80km 6h 30m 39,40,50 11th Middleweight
[/su_column] Cap Braveheart & Ben Hudson Cap Braveheart & Ben Hudson