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Bright Endurance Ride 2013

Oso Arabians had a very succesful run at Bright taking home every division we were entered in. Being a ride not far from home, the horses and Oso Team were feeling fresh and ready to tackle the mountains! It was beautiful weather the morning of the ride, and the team saw our three 80km riders and horses head off at 5am into the darkness! Oso Bandit with Stacey Clarke, Amanda Kettlewell and Oso Lorikeet, and Oso Laredo with jockey Andrew Kettlewell. At seven am, Jenny Berg, Taiya Fry and Rosie Margesson head off for the 40km on Oso Ella, AM Feisty Echo and Candynae. This would be Taiya and Rosie's first endurance ride, as well as Oso Ella and Feisty Echo's first ride aswell! Poppy Kettlewell also completed her first 5km ride on her trusty pony Cherry Pop, and did very well for both their first times! Results - Oso Bandit - Ridden by Stacey Clarke not only won First Lightweight, they also took out the Best Condition. This was Stacey's first endurance ride on Bandit and they smashed it! Oso Lorikeet - Ridden by Oso Equine Manager Amanda Kettlewell, also took out the title of First Middleweight and Best Condition. Amanda guided Lorikeet through with complete care and are a combination to look out for! Oso Laredo - Ridden by Oso's Farm Manager Andrew Kettlewell. Andrew was able to ride Laredo through his first heavy weight ride to take out first place, and best condition. An amazing effort for both horse and rider. Oso Ella - Ridden by Jenny Berg. Jenny not only had to ride a novice horse through their first ride off the farm, but also had to guide two new novice riders through their first rides aswell! She was not only a great teacher, but got her mare through her first 40km with flying colours. Candynae - Ridden by Rosie Margesson. Candy was taken to do the 40km as a fitness ride for her up and coming events, as well as to help Rosie succesfully get through her first 40km. She was feeling fresh and hot to trot, but Rosie rode her well for a succesfull completion! Feisty Echo - Ridden by Taiya Fry. Echo is a big boy who proved himself this weekend not only completing, but taking out the Best Managed Horse Award! - Taiya
Oso Laredo

Oso Laredo

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