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Berringa Endurance Ride 2013

Following a few days of heavy rain, our concerns with regards to the Berringa ride and camping site were confirmed when we arrived to find many vehicles bogged. After one attempt to get the Oso gooseneck into the grounds, we failed, and then were towed out backwards! The landowner who had donated his paddock as ride base, kindly stepped in and offered us his front yard to build our camp site amongst has managery of poddy calves, llamas and sheep! We made a comfortable camp for our team despite the conditions. Results are as follows: Oso Last Eclipse -  1st Middle Weight (5.25 Hours) and Fittest Horse. The stallion looked great after his first ride back following a four month spell! Oso Lee - 4th Middle Weight (6.53 Hours) after doing 103km instead of the allocated 82km due to technical issues. Long story and a lot of sorting out still to do to get results corrected. Al-Marah Gypsy Red - 2nd Junior (6.53 Hours) with rider Stacey Clarke who is now a fully fledged open rider! Al-Marah Heyho Silver - Equal 5th Light Weight (6.53 Hours) with rider Lauren Howson after completing 103km aswell, an amazing result as the mare was only supposed to be doing her second 80km ride in 2 years! Al-Marah Thunder Bay - Equal 5th Light Weight (6.53 Hours) with rider Natasha Willemse. Thunder and Natasha thoughtfully looked after Stacey and Gypsy and completed well! Sadly a VO for Candynae this time around. Thankyou to the ride organisers! It was a slippery challenging course and Lauren and I got to see an extra leg of it! I have no regrets doing the extra kilometres as it shows that Oso follow the rules of Endurance and do not look for the easy way out.
Birrringa 2013 002

Oso Last Eclipse and Ben Hudson 1st Middle Weight and Fittest Horse

Amanda and Lee

Amanda Kettlewell and Oso Lee 4th Middle Weight after completing 103km

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