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Bahrain Challenge 2013 Putty

On the weekend of the 10th of October Jenny and her partner Adam travelled up to the lovely but hot area of NSW, Putty for the Bahrain FEI Challenge with young mare Oso Edith on board and rider Ben Hudson ready for the 120km** ride.   Once arriving we had 2 days to settle and acclimatise to the extreme heat in the rolling hills of Putty. With an early 2am start scheduled on the Sunday morning it was early bedtimes for all. Ben and Edith headed out into the darkness accompanied by 11 other Open riders for what would be a day of many challenges.   The first 40km went quickly in a time of 2hrs41mins with a heart rate of 54 in only 6mins, which was a brilliant start to the day. As the Day went on, the wind picked up and the temperatures scored to the mid 40’s making for difficult strapping conditions but Edith showed her strength with a total vetting time of 22mins over the day and a time of 9hrs29mins for a challenging 120km ride to place 4th, Ben also showed his talent to overcome the extreme heat and still look after his horse till the end.   A very exciting achievement for the pair and also the team behind them, as well as being a brilliant trainer and warm up for the Australian Championships which is planned to follow in the year to come. - Jenny  

Poetry in motion

Edith & her Putty Team! Ben & Jen

Edith & her Putty Team! Ben & Jen

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